48 Miles Later Label Design

By Chris Black

48 Miles Later is a collaboration brew between Fyne Ales and Brewdog Glasgow, all in the spirit of Brewdog’s #Collabfest. Each Brewdog bar elected their favourite local brewery, Fyne Ales being the choice of the Glasgow venue.

Upon accepting the invitation, the Fyne Ales team made the trip to the Glasgow bar to sit, have a beer (or 5) and brain storm ideas for the brew which eventually was decide a Smoked Chilli Black Ale should do the trick. It was also decided the beer would be named 48 Miles Later, which relates to the distance between the bar and the Fyne Ales brewery.

We asked our designer Matt Burns to do something special for the label of this limited edition beer.

Speaking of the design Matt said,

“I was engaged by Fyne Ales to develop a label for a limited edition 750ml release of the beer. In collaboration with design studio Freytag Anderson, we developed a concept that would incorporate the two locations as well as the breathtaking drive required to reach the brewery from the Glasgow bar. Anyone who has experienced the route will know exactly what I mean. Once you leave Glasgow you soon hit the shores of Loch Lomond, which takes you along to the peaceful Tarbet. Beyond Tarbet the road weaves and climbs along the cliff face into the Rest and Be Thankful. At this point you start to wonder whether you are part of an episode of Top Gear. Once the climb eases, you descend and enter into views of Loch Fyne, and eventually the brewery. The incomparability and beauty of the journey was enough to inspire us for a meaningful and appropriate label for the beer.

Much to our joy we decided to get our hands dirty with a little ink. With the ink we began to interpret the route with a roller onto A1 board. The most successful and interesting lines where photographed then crafted into the label design.”

This is a beer that marks a special occasion between the two breweries, located in unique parts of the world and may be never brewed again … we hope you think the label captures this moment and adds to your drinking experience. If all else fails I am sure the Ancho and Chipotle chillies will keep you satisfied.

Bottles of the beer will be available in our regular independent beer stockist and from our online shop for a limited period.