New Brewery Expansion Has Begun!

By Chris Black

Today is a very big day for Fyne Ales as we can announce that construction of our new brewery expansion has begun. With an investment of £2 million this is a big step for Fyne Ales which will help us to take the quality of our beer to next level.

This project has been a long time in the planning, well over a year, and is the result of many hours of hard work and meticulous planning and research. We could have built an expansion a long time ago that would let us produce more beer with a lower investment; however we wanted to make sure that a new brewery would not only add more capacity but improve the quality and flavour of the beer we produce. This expansion will allow us to get more Fyne Ales to new areas of the UK and beyond.

We currently produce 90 barrels of beer per week – the equivalent of 27,000 pints. The first expansion phase will see production increase to 180 barrels a week with space available to boost production to 120 barrels per day – the equivalent of 36,000 pints - in 5 years’ time. 

We have decided to stay true to our heritage and to go with a British manufactured brew house, using traditional British ale technology rather than continental technology, which we believe will be best for our beer. With the addition of key bits of kit like a hopback and a malt mill, we will be able to extract brighter and fresher flavours from our ingredients. The new brew system will be one of the most advanced craft brew houses in the country but will remain semi-automated. This will allow our brewers to always remain in control while becoming more precise and accurate in the production process.

The new brewery is being built in an old sheep shed which is located right next to our current brewery on the same farm. Our existing brew kit will still be used and with all the new space it means we will have lots more time to brew exciting new beers in cask, bottle and keg, so watch this space.

As the construction progresses we will keep you updated on some of the key bits of kit and what they will mean for the beer we make.

We will always remain dedicated to brewing outstanding craft beer and are very excited about what the future holds.