Wild Beer Co Beer list for Fyne Fest 2014

By Chris Black

Our friends at Wild Beer Co have quickly developed a name for being amongst the best in the business when it comes to experimenting with different yeasts and barrel ageing.  This year’s beer list from Wild for Fyne Fest is an absolute cracker and we can’t wait to sample these beers. If you haven’t tried sour or barrel aged beers before these will be a great introduction and well worth a taste.

Fresh – 5.5% Pale Ale

Fresh is an on running, constantly changing experiment with hops. Every six months Wild pick out the most interesting hops they can find and cram them into this pale ale, resulting in a beer that changes considerably in flavour twice a year. The results however are always packed full of punchy hop character.

Scarlet Fever – 4.8% Hoppy Red Ale

Citrus and floral notes from the aromatic New World hops perform a spectacular balancing act against the rich and robust smooth caramel and bready sweetness of the traditional English malts, before a long, moreish and crisp citrus finish leaves you gasping for more.

Epic Saison – 5% Saison

Epic by name, epic by nature. This Farmhouse Ale brings together classic Belgian brewing culture with the bold North American hops Sorachi Ace. All brought to life with West Country artisan brewing wizardry. 

Rubus Maximus – 5.7% Beavertown Collab

This beer is a collaboration with London’s epic Beavertown Brewery. This beer has been brewed with raspberries, long pepper, and nine different types of malt. A truly special beer, delightfully tart and fruity, a creation that only comes about through the spirit of collaboration.

Comus –Full details of this new special beer are yet to be released. Follow Wild Beer co on Facebook for details about this beer when they become available.

Madness IPA – 6.7% IPA

Madness IPA is Wild’s nod to the mighty west coast IPA. This beer is all about the hops and has a tropical punchbowl of aromas. There are masses and masses of late hops and dry hops to maximise the beautiful flavours and aromas, so you can experience wave after wave of tropical and citrus fruits.  

Evolver IPA – 5.8% Brett Fermented IPA

This is an IPA with a bit of a difference, fully fermented with 100% brettanomyces. This strain of yeast gives the beer a unique flavour which develops over several months and really brings out the hop profile in the beer.

Cool as a Cucumber – 2.9% Cucumber and Mint Saison

Cool as a Cucumber is a collaboration we did with Wild Beer Co last year for Fyne Fest 2013. Each batch contains 92 cucumbers and loads of mint. The result is pretty much the most refreshing beer conceived. This year you will have the chance to add a shot of Botanist Gin to your Cool as a Cumber, the ultimate drink on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Sourdough – 3.6% Oak Fermented with Sourdough Yeast

Loosely based on a Berliner Weisse style this beer has been a year in the making. Brewed in conjunction with Hobbs House Bakery, this beer uses a 58 year old sourdough yeast and is fermented in oak barrels along with a little brettanomyces. A perfect beer for the early afternoon.

This year’s Fyne Fest will see close to 150 beers from over 35 breweries from around the world, covering every style from lager to Berliner Weisse and Russian Imperial Stout. Tickets are still available but are selling out fast.

Full details about Fyne Fest can be found at www.fynefest.com