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Fyne Ales On Tour: Fyne Ales @ Circus Hub Bar

by Iain Smith

Ah, the Edinburgh Festival. For one month every year, Scotland’s capital turns into a hotbed of culture, attracting comedy, theatre, art and music lovers from all over the world to the East side of the country. Edinburgh is brimming with quality entertainment during August, so we decided that those who make the pilgrimage deserve pint glasses brimming with quality beer, too.

For the entirety of August, Fyne Ales has teamed up with Underbelly to take over the bar at the popular Circus Hub venue. Situated in the centre of a temporary site in The Meadows Park, the Fyne Ales @ Circus Hub bar is pouring a range of our award-winning beer on cask and keg anyone and everyone in Edinburgh – unlike previous years, you don’t need a ticket to a Circus Hub show to enjoy a pint in the bar!

We’ve furnished the bar with a selection of our latest and greatest brews – with Jarl on cask alongside Workbench IPA, North West Hop Lager and Berryliner on keg for the whole month, plus rotating specials on both cask and keg. So far Kurgan and Atlantic Blvd, Fake Tan and Revival Juice! have been warmly received, with Lost In Time and Sunset Blvd coming soon (possibly even now, depending on when you’re reading this).

Additionally, behind the bar there’s even more Fyne Ales beers filling the fridges, so in the (incredibly) unlikely event there’s nothing on the taps that you fancy, you’ll find the likes of Jammin’, Highlander, Naughty and more available in bottles.

We started working with the Underbelly team last year on a smaller scale and it was a big success for everyone involved, so it made sense for us to team-up again this year,” explained Fyne Ales Managing Director, Jamie Delap. “There’s so much energy and vibrancy in Edinburgh at this time of year – it’s great to be part of it and give people the chance to sample some great beers to go with their entertainment.”

Circus Hub Bar Manager Victoria Gebbie is pleased with how the partnership has worked out thus far: “There's a really positive, happy & relaxed vibe at Circus Hub this year; it seems to be a mecca for those just wanting to chill out and enjoy a drink outdoors in pretty surroundings. We’re attracting a lot of educated drinkers who are delighted by the selection and variety of quality beers on offer; it’s been a monumental year for us and we're very much looking forward to more successful collaborations with Fyne Ales in the future!"

We’re super grateful to our friends from Underbelly for inviting us to team up for this year’s Circus Hub bar, and also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s already been down and grabbed a pint or a bottle of beer! Circus Hub runs all the way through until 26 August, so be sure to get down to The Meadows and grab a beer and catch a show if you can (Circa: Humans is absolutely incredible).



New Brew News: Workbench IPA Third Draft & Second Draft Bottles

by Iain Smith

It feels like only yesterday that we were writing about the second beer in the Workbench IPA series, and here we are announcing that you can expect to see Third Draft on tap in your local from later this week!

The Workbench IPA Project has exceeded our expectations in terms of response from you lovely drinkers, so before we get into what makes number three special, a huge thank you to everyone who’s picked up a bottle or had a pint of either of the first two beers in the series.

Workbench IPA Second Draft is one of the fastest-selling keg beers we’ve ever produced, to the point that we sold out of kegs long before the bottles were conditioned enough to sell and the brewery is also empty of Workbench #1 bottles! We are delighted to say, though, that Workbench Second Draft are now available from the Fyne Ales website and should be gracing the shelves of your local bottle shop very soon! Look out for the signature Kev Grey artwork in red on the shelves from later this week.

Buy Workbench IPA Second Draft bottles here.

Now, on to Workbench IPA Third Draft. The new beer in the series is a test of the effects of filtration on hop flavours – one of the key differences between Sanda Blonde and the first two Workbench IPA’s is the level of filtration of the beer before it goes into keg. Of course, both Workbench drafts featured significantly increased hop bills compared to Sanda, so for Workbench #3, we decided to do an IPA with a similar level of hops to WB1 and WB2, but with filtration similar to Sanda Blonde, in the hop of combining the clean, drinkability of our core range beer with the bold hoppiness of the Workbench beers.

Furthermore, we based the recipe for the beer loosely on Sanda Blonde. Three of the four hops found in Workbench IPA Third Draft are the same as those in Sanda  - Citra and Nelson Sauvin during the boil, and a dry-hopping schedule using Cascade, though Workbench uses T90 pellets as opposed to the whole-leaf dry-hopping of Sanda Blonde. The additional hop is T90 Centennial during dry-hop, chosen to give a resinous finish of the beer and offer balance against the fruity/floral Nelson and Cascade combination.

The resulting beer is super-interesting for anyone who’s tried Sanda Blonde; Workbench IPA third Draft offers hints of the beer it’s based on, but everything is amplified and the Centennial cuts across the other hop flavours for a deeper, more satisfying taste. It’s a clean, fruity and satisfying drink and though not as punchy with tropical fruit flavours as WB1 or as earthy and resinous as WB2, it offers a super-balanced flavour profile.

If you pick up a bottle of Workbench 2 or a pint of Workbench 3 in the next couple of weeks, be sure to give us a shout and let us know what you think – we’re still looking for feedback for the fourth (and possibly final) beer in the series!



New Brew News: Lost In Time Red IPA

by Iain Smith

2017 has been the summer of new beer at Fyne Ales and we’re not slowing down yet – introducing Lost In Time, our new 5.1% Red IPA that’s rolling out in keg next week.

We’ve always been a fan of red beer, our Vital Spark is a dark red/ruby beer and in recent years both Lismore Red and The Cardinal have been cask special interpretations of the style, but Lost In Time is the very first red beer we’ve kegged, and we’ve made sure it’s a good one to mark the occasion.

Lost In Time is a dark-amber-hued IPA brewed with a mix of eight different malts to give it a full, slightly chewy body. The hop bill includes a combination of three US hops (Citra, Amarillo, Summit) in the brew and a dry-hopping with T90 Columbus which, paired with the complex malt bill give bold resinous and dank flavours of earthy citrus fruits and a peppery, refreshing finish.

Of all the new beers we’ve brewed in the last few months, the brewers are particularly proud of Lost In Time. Brewer Andrea Ladas knew from the brew day that this beer was going to be formidable in flavour, and so suggested that we name it after powerful, “badass” a character from one of his favourite films, Blade Runner. ‘Lost In Time’ is a tribute to the film’s Roy Batty, taken from his incredible dying soliloquy at the film’s conclusion.

We’re really excited about this beer, and hope you enjoy it if you see it around in keg. If you do, be sure to let us know what you think of it on social media or Untappd.