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Limited release: Mills & Hills - Prosecco Grappa Barrel Aged

by Iain Smith

Launching as part of the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Fyne Ales’ founding, Mills & Hills - Prosecco Grappa Barrel Aged is an exclusive, new version of our award-winning imperial stout.

In early 2015, we collaborated with Dutch brewing heroes Browerij De Molen to create a rich imperial stout flavoured with new world hops. While the majority of the brew went into 330ml bottles, a portion was reserved for transferring into a special barrel, with a long history.

Originating from France in the 1970s where it was used in the production of cognac, the Limousin oak barrel was subsequently taken in by a grappa producer in Italy. The cask was filled with a single-grape prosecco grappa in 1992 and left to age for nearly twenty years before being bottled for a limited-edition Gran Riserva release in 2011.

A few years later, the barrel made its way to the highlands of Scotland to be given a new purpose –aging our Mills & Hills. Having only been used for a single-fill of grappa, the wood retained a huge amount of character of the Italian spirit, which infused the beer with a rich, honey sweetness and complex, deep chocolate character over the space of twelve months.

Recently transferred into to five hundred bottles, Mills & Hills - Prosecco Grappa Barrel Aged is available from the Fyne Ales online store and brewery tap now, and from good bottle shops from Monday 13 February.


We're Hiring - Marketing Executive

by Jamie Delap

CLOSING DATE - 19th October 2016

This is a job for someone who loves craft beer in all its forms and is excited by the opportunity to take a leading role in developing our brand and telling our story to the UK and around the world.

At Fyne Ales you are going to have a lot of material to work with.  Yes - we've got lots of exciting new beers coming through.  Yes - we like to do great beer launches and tap take-overs.  Yes - we're always delighted when we win prizes.  Yup - we love to push the boundaries on collaboration brews with our friends.  But at Fyne Ales we have a lot more story than that to tell.

  • One site, two breweries, two very different stories.  We recently invested over £2m in one of the most capable British style craft brewhouses in the UK.  Our goal here is to produce some of the best examples of the core styles that are available in the UK.  In the new brewery it's all about constantly improving the flavour, and being consistently excellent.
  • The originial farmhouse brewery is all about creativity and experimentation, and we have great plans that will really double down on these.  We plan to use this brewery to produce beers that really have a sense of provenance and place that is unique to Fyne Ales.  That means we have just ordered a coolship and a set of wine barrels, so look out for some spontaneously fermented / lambic style beers coming through.  Look out for a lot more barrel finished beers, and look out for beers that play with fruits and foraged herbs.
  • We have a great brewery tap and thousands of visitors come each year to see what makes Fyne Ales different.  We're on a working farm with our own herd of Highland Cattle, we're just starting a deer farm, and we have a salmon river that we have been restocking over the last 10 years running past the brewery.  This sense of place is really important to us, and we're very proud of our 5 star reviews on Trip Advisor.
  • Then there's FyneFest.  One of the UK's more notable beer festivals that really puts the Festival back into Beer Festival.  Every June sees about 2,500 people come up to the brewery for the weekend with 150 of the best beers we can find, 2 stages of music and a great selection of food.  With a friendly campsite and a great crowd FyneFest has developed a great reputation and we need to keep developing it.

If all of that sounds like a story you could enjoy telling, and you are up for the challenge of getting as many people as possible knowing about and drinking Fyne Ales then we would love to hear from you.  You are going to need to be confident:

  • Updating our websites and writing blog pieces
  • Communicating on all the main social media platforms
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Working with the brewing team and sales team on the new beer development programmes
  • Working with our designers to develop new labels, point of sale and other visual materials

The role is full time - but it could be 100% located at the brewery, or split part working from the brewery and part from a desk in Glasgow or Edinburgh for instance.  We're offering a competitive salary and membership of our profit share scheme for the right person.

We're looking for someone who can write really well, who has a great visual sense and is seriously into the best of the craft beer world.  If you have previous experience in craft beer, or marketing a similar product, that's a plus.  You definitely need to be a good team player, but happy to take the initiative and work independently.  We're looking for someone who likes to work hard, but who also wants to enjoy working in a great place with a great team, while promoting some great beers.

So if you are interested then please email us on work@fyneales.com and tell us why you are the right person for the job.  Please include a CV and let us know your current salary or salary expectations, but mostly we are interested in hearing from you why you think you are the right person for the role.


Fyne Ales Farmhouse Project Launch Party

by Chris Black

On Friday we told you about our new Farmhouse Project. After several months maturing and conditioning we are now ready to release the first beer in the series, The Farmer. The Farmer was brewed back in May, at the tail end of spring, and is a 7.4% Saison. This elegant beer has a shiny golden colour with a persistent white head, akin to champagne. Refined fruity, wine like aromas dominate the nose with light peppery notes coming through. On the palate the beer has a crisp and rustic classic saison flavour with a subtle hint of smoke and pepper from the grist, with a dry finish on the end.

To celebrate the launch of this first beer in this limited edition series of beers, we are going to have a special day at the brewery, on the 29th of August that celebrates our farmhouse location in Glen Fyne and how it has inspired these beers.

During the day you can join the well-known forager and herbalist Monica Wilde on a guided walk through the glen. Monica will show you how to identify edible plants, and teach you all about their uses in food, preserving, drinks and medicines, along with many fascinating facts about their history, use and folklore. We can expect to find herbs, fungi, berries, trees and maybe even the odd slime mould. Come along and explore the glen from a different perspective, hopefully we can find some interesting ingredients to use in a brew.

We will run four foraging tours through the day; each tour only has 10 spaces on it and cost £10 per person. The foraging tours must be booked in advance by contacting the brewery, either by email to Elaine@fyneales.com or call 014996001020

Tour times

Tour 1 – 10:00 – 11:30

Tour 2 – 11:45 – 13:15

Tour 3 – 2:00 – 15:30

Tour 4 – 15:45 – 17:15

All day we will have the BBQ fired up in the courtyard and will have other food available in the tap. In the evening Monica will be preparing a venison stew made with foraged vegetables in a 19th century wood fired Soyer Stove that was first used in the Crimean war.  

In the evening we will have some live local music playing in the bar, or outside if it stays dry. The bar will be open until 11pm and will be pouring The Farmer all night alongside some other special and one off beers.

For those who want to stay the night we will be providing camping for £10 per tent in a nearby field on the farm.

Come join us on what you be a fantastic day exploring Glen Fyne and this wonderful new beer.