Be You! Honouring Our History, Preparing For Our Future

By Iain Smith

The busy late summer and early autumn weeks have meant that’s it’s been too long since our last Be You blog and update on the rebrand project - we had hoped to keep you involved in every step of the project, but that ambition proved to be a little too much given the work we’re undertaking, so we’ll start this blog with a quick apology - sorry guys!

The story so far - in part one, we introduced our partners for the project, Glasgow’s O Street, who were given the task of taking all the information we had gathered - the research, the project briefs, all our current packaging and promo materials etc - breaking it all down and developing a new look and feel for our brand that makes sense of it all. Piece of cake.

Collaborating with O Street in Glasgow has been an enlightening experience; we entered into the rebrand project knowing we’d be working closely with whichever team we chose, but I’m not sure we appreciated quite how closely we’d be working with them. O Street has been an excellent partner, and part of the reason why is that they haven’t been afraid to challenge our assumptions of what we think we know and what we think we want when they can see that it’s worth exploring a different avenue.

So what does this mean in practical terms? 

We’ve had long conversations, with our team and with the O Street team, about how to honour the near-17-year history of the Fyne Ales brand, while reshaping it into something that better represents where we are now and where we want to go as a brewery. Colours, shapes, logos, beer names - even our name ‘Fyne Ales’ has been the subject of discussion, debate and tough decision-making. How much of should we keep, and how much are we willing to change?

And that’s been the key challenge throughout this process - finding a way to balance a reflection of the history and heritage we’ve built up over the past seventeen years, with something that represents our ambitions as a progressive brewery and create something new to help drive us forward for the next 17 years.

It’s probably important to start by saying that even though they’re going to look different, none of the recipes or the way we make our core beers will be changing. Whether you’re buying draught or bottle, you’ll still be enjoying the same Maverick, Highlander, Vital Spark, Hurricane Jack, Avalanche and Jarl that you always have. We constantly monitor the quality of the core beers being produced in the new brewery and have been pleased with the consistent high quality we’ve achieved with our year-round beers - we’re of the opinion that they’re tasting better than they ever have, so we’re in no rush to change them!

So what might be changing? The biggest decision we had to make was our name. 

The feedback we had from last year’s research was that some beer drinkers don’t know what or where Loch Fyne is, some think we’re using a ‘ye olde’ spelling of ‘fine’ (ironically it actually comes from an old version of the word ‘wine’) and some find the double meaning a bit cheesy. 

But we are Fyne Ales. We are a farm brewery at the head of Loch Fyne, nestled in the beautiful Glen Fyne and we make ales (and lagers and mixed fermentation beers and dog biscuits... but you know what we mean). The name makes sense and we decided that it’s up to us to do more to showcase where our name comes from, rather than giving up something so important to us. We are Fyne Ales, and always will be.

After an easier decision on our name, came a much tougher one about our logo. The ‘FA’ device we use today dates back to 2008, when our original lowercase ‘f’, uppercase ‘A’ logo was simplified. The logo hasn’t been without its challenges - some of which were confirmed during our research last year.

Does this mean that the new-look Fyne Ales will have a new logo? It does - one that we’ve worked closely with the team at O Street to create and refine; one that acknowledges where we’re from, helps to better tell our story and better reflects the forward-thinking, progressive nature of our brewery. We will always have fondness for our current logo, and it’ll still be around for a little while as we gradually bring the new branding to life, but the new logo is something we’re excited to start seeing on our beers, merchandise and signage around the brewery!

And the changes haven’t stopped with the logo - the new look of our beers that we reveal in a few weeks’ time will be a bit of a departure from the ones you’re familiar with. The O Street team have created a concept for our labels and badges that not only brings our year-round classics up-to-date, but can be adapted and rolled out across all our beers, meaning a clearer, more coherent Fyne Ales range. The design is heavily influenced by our farm brewery status, tying into our history, heritage and location as we continue to prove that rural and rustic can be a source of outstanding quality. That’s all we’ll reveal for now, but we’re pretty excited about the newly designed bottles, pump clips and cans.

Yes, cans. 

Come back soon for more new about when you’ll start seeing the new look Fyne Ales - the next few weeks are going to be very busy, but we’ll be squeezing in a couple more blogs before you get to see what we’ve been working on.



Now Hiring: Part-time Brewery Tap Team Member

By Iain Smith

Fancy working at one the most beautiful brewery locations in the world? Now’s your chance!

Fyne Ales is seeking someone to join our Brewery Tap & Shop team on a part-time basis. The position offers 15-20 hours per week (flexible), including the possibility of working weekends and external events.

We need someone energetic, enthusiastic and ideally passionate about beer to help tell our visitors about our award-winning beers, help them pick bottles from the shop to take home and lead tours around our two brewing facilities.

Ideal for someone located in the local Argyll area, the position will include training, but bar experience is preferred.

Pay is £8.50 per hour.

If you think this sounds like something you’d be ace at and you’re keen to learn more about what we do, drop us an email with a CV and a short cover letter (just a quick hello) to jobs[at]

Deadline: Monday 14/10/2018

Fyne Ales win five prizes at Scottish Beer Awards 2018!

By Iain Smith

It was another big night for Fyne Ales as we proudly took home five awards from this year’s Scottish Beer Awards, including two coveted business awards for Innovation of the Year (Origins Brewing) and Beer Event of the Year (FyneFest)!

The independent awards, sponsored by beer-championing supermarket Aldi, brought together the best of Scottish brewing to celebrate the wealth and diversity of beer being produced north of the border. And it truly was a celebration, with good food, good beer and good company with representatives from over twenty breweries joining the party!

We were delighted to be the recipients of two major prizes - the first for our Origins Brewing project which was recognised as Innovation of the Year for using global inspiration to create unique, Scottish farmhouse and wild beers using our original brewing facility. 

“I’m so pleased with this win, Origins Brewing is still a very small part of what we do, but it’s really important to us. We’re proud to be a rural farm brewery and the Origins Brewing project is the purest expression of that pride” commented Fyne Ales MD Jamie Delap after picking up the award at Thursday’s ceremony. “It’s been an exciting first year for the project and with this award I can only see year two being even more exciting!”

The other business award saw FyneFest pick up the win as Beer Event of the Year - a hotly contested debut category. 

“Every year we work hard to make FyneFest better than the previous year’s festival - which is definitely a challenge, so having the event recognised with a Scottish Beer Award is great,” festival director, Mungo Delap said after hearing of FyneFest’s win. “ Now the pressure’s really on for FyneFest 2019!”

FyneFest returns from 31 May 2019 for the tenth annual iteration of the festival. Tickets go on sale in December 2018, check out the Facebook event and hit ‘Attending’ to stay up to date with latest.

In the taste categories, Fyne Ales’ beers picked up three awards, with bronze prizes for Vital Spark and Origins Brewing - Expedition, and a gold award for Maverick in the British Ales category. All five awards will be proudly on display in the Brewery Tap from next week!

Finally, we'd like to extend a huge congratulations to all the shortlised finalists and winner's at this year's Scottish Beer Awards - we've got some amazing brewing talent in this country, and we're making some fantastic beers that deserve to be celebrated.





Mixed Case: Origins Brewing Summer 2018 Collection

Mixed Case: Origins Brewing Spring & Summer

Mixed Case: North Sea Bridges Series One

Fyne Ales Ringer - White/Navy

Fyne Ales logo & name design ringer t-shirt featuring Fyne Ales logo detail printed on navy/white.


Highland T-Shirt - Navy

Highland cow design t-shirt featuring Fyne Ales logo detail printed on high-quality Gildan SoftStyle Ringspun stock in navy.

Illustration by Tidlin.


Highland T-Shirt - White

Highland cow design t-shirt featuring Fyne Ales logo detail printed on high-quality Gildan SoftStyle Ringspun stock in white.

Illustration by Tidlin.


Origins Brewing: Summer 2018 Collection beers & launch

By Iain Smith

Fyne Ales is delights to introduce the Origins Brewing Summer 2018 collection - three new beers that launch on Sunday 19 August at Edinburgh Food Studio.

These three new beers are our expression of Summer in Glen Fyne. We’ve been treated to some amazing weather in the last few months, so we’ve chosen three beers that are the perfect celebration of sunshine, good vibes and rural Scotland to release this month.

Two of the collection are single-barrel-fermented releases, and the third, a clean fermented saison brewed in collaboration with our friends from Edinburgh Food Studio, who will help us launch the collection with an incredible ten-course brunch on Sunday 19 August in their Dalkeith Road restaurant.

Mion Blue (5.5%) - Mion Blue is a single-barrel mixed fermentation sour with blueberries. Originally soured in-kettle with lactobacillus, the wort was transferred into one of our favourite barrels with our Brett-forward house culture and blueberries where it fermented and aged for nine months.

Succession (6.6%) - Succession is a single-barrel mixed fermentation saison, fermented with our house culture and foraged meadowsweet in American oak for ten months. It offers woody, bittersweet flavours and plenty of funky brett.

Forest Flore (7.3%) - Forest Flore is our collaboration with Edinburgh Food Studio - a clean-fermented saison brewed with the branches and buds of flowering currants, conditioned on a touch of juniper. It’s crispy and satisfying, with a beautifully balance botanical foundation.

Our team first met Edinburgh Food Studio’s Ben and Shashana at Spontanscran, a tasting dinner celebrating spontaneously fermeted beer curated by writer Joe Dick. The dinner was a triumph, with dishes showcasing Scottish produce combining with some of Europe’s finest beers to create amazing, complex flavour profiles to savour.

When we approached Ben and Shashana about a possible collaboration, we were thrilled about their desire to use foraged, local ingredients - the flowering currant branches we infused into the mash water and the buds we added to the boil have added an amazing character to Forest Flore and we can’t wait to launch the beer at their restaurant later this month.

The launch will be comprised of a ten-course tasting menu, with each dish paired with an Origins Brewing beer, including cellared bottles of the long-sold-out Pandora, Amphora and Kilkerran Wee Heavy from the Autumn 2017 collection. Tickets for the launch brunch are on sale now:

Origins Brewing Brewers’ Brunch - Sunday 19 August 2018

Bottles of the Origins Brewing Summer 2018 collection will be released following the event.