Our Team

  • Tuggy Delap


    Tuggy is the founder of Fyne Ales and is owner of the farm estate where our brewery is situated. She loves to meet our customers and is often seen at events we hold. Tuggy is always accompanied by her faithful dog Simba: be careful you dont leave your car window down in the yard as he is likely to try jumping in the passenger seat with you.

    Favourite Beer: Highlander

  • Jamie Delap

    Managing Director

    With prospects tragically blighted by having Cambridge’s best real ale pub located beside the Manufacturing Engineering Department, Jamie spent 17 years running international manufacturing businesses making intensely boring & sensible products before turning his hand to Fyne Ales.

    Telephone: 07834 829917

  • Malcolm Downie

    Head Brewer

    Malcolm is our jolly Head Brewer, he has been brewing on and off for 14 years after graduating in brewing from Heriot Watt University. He can often be heard laughing and is generally responsible for the loud rock music blasting out of the brewhouse.

    Favourite Beer: Vital Spark

  • Elaine Polanski

    Office Manager

    Without Elaine, Fyne Ales would fall apart. She organises everything and everyone: we call it bossy, she calls it being efficient. It pays to be extra nice to Elaine as she makes sure beer arrives on time. She has been at Fyne Ales for nearly ten years and loves travelling and motorcycles.

    Telephone: 01499 600120

    Favourite Beer: Jarl

  • Matt Thomasson

    National Sales Manager

    Since broaching his first firkin in an Edinburgh cellar back in the late 90s, Matt has pursued his passion for great beer and has used his thirst for knowledge (and great beer) in leading Fyne Ales' sales efforts around the world.

    Telephone: 07856686688

    Favourite Beer: Hurricane Jack

  • Iain Smith

    Marketing Manager

    A combination of having travelled round the world visiting breweries and beer festivals in the last few years, and a genuine passion for all things beery makes Iain perfectly positioned to shout about how good Fyne Ales is at making beer. Catch him getting excited about multicure sours and old-school West Coast IPAs in the office/tap room most days.

  • Phil Kemp

    Financial Controller

    Phil is Fyne Ales' resident spreadsheet wizard, casting spells over the P&L to banish any red numbers. When some say "the glass is half empty" and others say "the glass is half full", Phil says "how much money do we make selling the contents of the glass?".

    Favourite Beer: Sanda Blonde IPA

  • Sam MacPhee

    Telesales and Credit Control

    Sam has been with Fyne Ales since 2009; she is Elaine’s right hand woman and keeps the brewery and office running smoothly. Sam loves swimming with sharks and has an impressive collection of their teeth, including one she nabbed while swimming with great whites!

    Favourite Beer: Superior IPA

  • Tom Hunter

    Sales & Support Coordinator

    You want beer? Tom's here to sell you beer. Our Glasgow-based Sales & Support Coordinator is ready and waiting to take your orders via phone, email, telegram, carrier pigeon, graffiti on the toilet cubicle door or any other way you want to order beer from us, really. Tom's an active CAMRA member and lover of football, tennis, yoga and his two dogs.

    Telephone: 01499 600 120

    Favourite Beer: Superior IPA

  • Chris Brooks


    Chris, often referred to as Curly Chris, joined Fyne Ales in January 2012. He has been brewing for six years and adds a wealth of experience to our team. Chris’ other passions in life are his Audi Quattro and cider.

    Favourite Beer: Avalanche

  • Yvonne Wernlein

    Technical Brewer

    Yvonne joins Fyne Ales fresh from Germany with a head full of Reinheitsgebot and science! Specialising in making sure all our beers roll out of the brewery in the best possible condition, you'll find Yvonne looking down the barrel of a microscope or reading charts when she isn't dreaming of noble-hopped pilsners and cloudy weissbiers.

    Favourite Beer: Rest

  • Andrea Ladas


    Andrea joined Fyne Ales following a period of gypsy brewing around the world at top breweries in England, Italy, Ecuador and Denmark. His mad ideas and experience in trying different things with beers will be shining through in beers to come.

    Favourite Beer: Hurricane Jack

  • Jamie Sanderson

    Packaging & Warehouse Team

    Jamie is far less serious than he seems, usually - you'll find him in the brewery cleaning casks, building pallets and getting stuck in to general brew day activities. In addition to lugging beer around the brewery, Jamie likes to keep active playing football and rock climbiing.

    Favourite Beer: Workbench IPA: Fourth Draft

  • Kim Jowett

    Brewery Tap Team

    Kim is one of our lovely assistants in the brewery tap, she is probably the happiest person at Fyne Ales and loves to tell you about our beer.

    Favourite Beer: Vital Spark

  • Archie MacInnes


    Archie is our well-spoken drayman, he is well known the length and breadth of the country for his eloquence and cheek. He has a love of a certain Glasgow football team which he loves to share with everyone. We won’t mention which one. 

    Favourite Beer: Mills & Hills

  • Malcolm Blackwell


    Malcolm is one half of our delivery team. He is well known for winding up his partner in crime Archie around the brewery. No one works harder than Malc and Archie at Fyne Ales as they drive all over the country getting our beer to you on time.

    Favourite Beer: Avalanche

  • Simba


    Loyal guardian of founder Tuggy Delap, Simba is secretly in charge of the brewery, ruling over everything we do with an iron paw.

    Favourite Beer: Wee Stoater