48 Miles Later

By Chris Black

A few weeks ago we brewed a beer with the Brewdog Glasgow Bar as part of Brewdog’s Collab-fest. Each bar got to choose their favourite local brewery to work with, and the lovely folk at Brewdog Glasgow got in touch with us to see if we we'd be up for brewing a beer with them.

After happily accepting the invitation, our team made the trip to the bar to meet with Brewdog Glasgow Supremo Vic to discuss ideas for the brew. Over quite a few beers and some wild ideas we finally settled on making a Smoked Chilli Black Ale. The challenge was set and Malc and Chris got to work on developing a recipe.

In order to get the right balance of smokiness with a hint of chilli heat, quite a few experiments were conducted with chillies jammed in bottles of dark beer, and brews of chilli tea. Some of the early experiments were a bit on the spicy side; just ask our drayman Archie who got tricked into trying a bottle of Vital Spark that had been infused with a Habanero for over a week.

Eventually the decision was made to go with Ancho and Chipotle chillies. Ancho chillies are mild smoked chillies which have a fantastically fruity flavour akin to dates or Christmas pudding. Chipotles on the other hand have a rich tobacco aroma with a bit more punch on the scovillle ratings. To add an extra smokiness to the beer we decided to add beechwood smoked malt. Centennial, Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy hops were added to give a good hop profile.

Vic, Andy and Marissa from Brewdog Glasgow came up to the brewery to brew their beer on what turned out to be a monster 11 hour brew day. The guys from Brewdog Glasgow quickly learned the basics of brewing; don’t get stuck in the Mash Tun, and point the ends of hoses away from your face before turning on. They were put to work cleaning out the copper, loading the grist and digging out the mash tun, and of course a few beers were enjoyed throughout the day.

The beer was named 48 Miles Later, relating to the distance between the bar and the brewery, and will be launched, alongside the 11 other beers in the festival, in all Brewdog bars on Saturday the 19th with the Fyne Ales team doing a meet the brewer at Brewdog Glasgow from 5pm.

 A small batch of 48 Miles Later will be available in 750 ml bottles in the weeks after the launch. Matt Burns Design  and Freytag Anderson worked on a limited edition label for the beer. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media accounts for details.