Highlander Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

By Chris Black

It's Friday so that must mean it is time for another amazing recipe using our beer from Breakfast at Julie's. Can see this recipe going well with some of our new Sanda Blonde bottles aswell as Highlander.

It's the height of summer, and during summer what do we need? Some good fresh food that you can pick up and eat on a picnic blanket with little fuss. These little soft flour fish tacos have been battered in Fyne Ale's Highlander, which is a strong dark beer with bold flavours. This goes perfectly with the refreshing and pinchy mango salsa. This goes needless to say, please do enjoy one of these with an extra bottle of Fyne Ale's Highlander Beer. It's got some strong citrusy caramel flavours through it which go perfectly with the soft flaky fish. The perfect sunny weather combination! 


(Makes 6 Tacos)

2 Pieces of Wild Hake or any White Fish of your choice

100g Plain Flour 

100g Cornflour 

150ml Fyne's Highlander Beer

1/2 teaspoon Turmeric

2 Mangos

Bunch Coriander 

Salt & Pepper 

Enough Vegetable Oil to fill a wok 1 third of the way up 

1 Lime

1 Red Chilli 

1 Avocado 

6 Small Soft Tortilla Wraps 

Salsa & Sour Cream (optional)

1. Begin by making the batter, combine the plain flour, cornflour, turmeric into a large bowl and mix well. Now slowly add a little bit each time of the Highlander beer. Whisk this in until you get a smooth thick batter. Leave to rest whilst you make the salsa and prepare the fish. 

2. Check for any unwanted bones in the fish by running your fingers smoothly up and down the fish vertically. Remove any excess with tweezers. Cut vertically into about 2cm slices. Now pat the fish dry with a clean dish towel and season with salt and pepper. Coat this in some excess plain flour so the batter will stick.

 2. Dice both the mangos and the avocado into a bowl and finely chop some coriander in as well. 

Deseed the red chilli and finely chop and put into the bowl. Squeeze a good bit of lime juice all over the avocado and mango, not only will this flavour the salsa but it will keep both the mango and avocado from doing dry. 

3. Heat up a wok full of oil in a large wok and test some of the batter mix once you think it's ready, if the batter mix rises straight to the top and beings sizzling then you're ready to go. Fry in batches of two or three. Now lower the fish into the batter and ensure it is well coated. Carefully lower the fish into the oil and allow to fry for about 2-3 minutes max only turning once. 

4. Once all of the batches are finished drain them onto some kitchen towel. Begin heating up the tortilla wraps for about 45secs each on a dry pan. 

5. Now begin assembling your tacos. Put generous helpings of the mango salsa and sour cream onto the wraps and enjoy with some hot salsa if you like. And of course, don't forget another few bottles of the Highlander beer to wash it down! . 

Enjoy your weekend! Fyne Ales & Julie x

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