Collab Fest 2014 - SameWerking

By Chris Black

It’s cold, its wet, and the days are gie drawin’ in…that means it’s time for Brewdog’s Collab Fest! A couple of months ago the guys at Brewdog Glasgow asked us if we would like to have some fun again and brew a collaboration. After the fun we had last year with 48 Miles later and how much we loved the beer we jumped at the chance.

So we sent our crack team of brewers down to the bar in Glasgow for a brainstorming session: creativity was of course assisted by lots of sampling. After a couple of hours of deliberation a core idea was settled upon. The aim was to produce a traditional style amber ale that had the added element of some Roiboos tea.

Our brewing team came back to the brewery and developed a recipe that would fit the brief. A total of nine different malts were selected to create a flavour profile that struck a balance between the caramel and roasted malt flavours while complementing the sweetness from the tea. Traditional style hops were chosen, with Challenger, Marynka and Goldings added to the brew. For the tea we went to our friends at Eteaket Teas and picked up 6 kg of their amazing Big Red Rooibos, a soft but slightly tart tea with hints of orange and dried hay. To get the most from the tea we added it to the underback and basically turned it into a giant teapot, as the wort passed from the mash tun into the kettle. Later in the brew a cold infusion was made with a small amount of the tea and added to the conditioning tank for a little extra rooibos flavour.

On the brew day Andy, Sam and Calum from Brewdog Glasgow came up to help out with the brew. They were put to work throughout the day and turned their hands to cleaning the mash and kettle. Over a couple of lunch time beers the name SameWerking was decided upon: the Afrikaans word for collaboration, taking influence from the origin of the rooibos tea.

SameWerking will be launched in all UK Brewdog bars on Saturday 25th  October from 6pm, alongside the 15 other collaborations that are part of #collabfest. Our brew team will be in residence at Brewdog Glasgow from 4pm until late into the night. For the full list of the beers in this year’s event check out Brewdog’s blog.

A small batch of SameWerking will be available in 750ml bottles in the weeks following the launch.