New Brew News: Red Berry Ghost

By Iain Smith

In 2015, after an inspiring trip to the USA, Fyne Ales MD Jamie and Brewer Andrea were all-in on nitrogen-rich stouts and couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty in the brewery mashing in a mix of dark malts to create a rich, decadent dry stout kegged with nitrogen for a full, satisfying mouthfeel. That beer was Ghost, and for a good year or so, we kept it around as a keg-exclusive dark beer before calling time and finally packing it off to its final resting place earlier this year.

But not for long.

Ghost has been revived for a super-limited keg release as Red Berry Ghost. We brewed and fermented the exact same base beer before transferring it onto a mountain of strawberries and raspberries to enrich it with sweet, juicy red fruit flavours. The combination of the berries, the dark, chocolatey malt and the creamy-nitrogen kegging give the new version of our classic stout a dark-chocolate-sprinkled-with-freeze-dried-fruit vibe. It’s really good.

Red Berry Ghost will make its debut at the upcoming Beer Makes Glasgow festival this weekend – mon down to The Art School to check it out along with some cracking beers from some of our Scottish brewing pals.