New Brew News: Summer Dusk (Summer Sessions)

By Iain Smith

September. The nights get longer, the air turns colder, the trees bid farewell to their leaves and sunny days already seem like a distant memory. Summer has departed and it’s time to welcome the embrace of Autumn, but not without one final glimpse of sunshine – introducing Summer Dusk, the final cask special in this year’s Summer Sessions series.

Summer Dusk is the third beer in our trio of sessionable ales packed full of hop flavours, sitting alongside Summer Dawn and Summer Skies at a perfectly sip-able 3.5%. With a slightly fuller body than its predecessor, Summer Skies, thanks to the addition of a touch of amber malt, Summer Dusk is designed for mellow evenings flicking through holiday photos and dreaming about adventures in the sunshine to come.

A combination of three aroma hops share the billing on Summer Dusk’s brew sheet – the floral bitterness of Centennial and stone-fruit punch of Eureka supporting Simcoe’s piney, citrus character for a reenergising flavour profile.

Summer Dusk has been rolling out of the brewery for a week or so already, so expect to see it very, very soon in your local and be sure to catch it before the sun sets on our Summer Sessions series for 2017.