New Brew News: New Ragnarök

By Iain Smith

It’s the end of everything. Again.

It’s been just over two years since we launched Ragnarök, our 7.4% IPA that took our flagship beer, Jarl, to the next level.  It was originally conceived as a one-off special to celebrate Jarl, an experiment to find out what would happen if we took Jarl and doubled it – double the malt, double the hops, double the fun (until the next morning), but it’s hung around as a semi-regular brew since that day due to the thunderous reception it received.

But times have changed, so it’s time for Ragnarök to change too – introducing New Ragnarök, a reworking of our hulking IPA that’s rolling out in keg next week.

One of the outcomes of our Workbench IPA Project has been a higher-level understanding of hops, flavours and how to get the most out of them. While the classic Ragnarök was always pretty well received, using a single hop in a strong IPA felt like we’d maybe short-changed the beer a little; higher ABV beers can carry flavour a lot more comfortably than low alcohol ones, and with our new hop knowledge there was no need to be as guarded when it came to hop selection and schedule.

New Ragnarök keeps Citra at its core, with a hella-generous whole-leaf infusion using our hopback, but we complimented it with a dosing of both Warrior and Eureka on the hot side to help bring out an extra fruity dimension in the flavours. Post-fermentation, the beer was tasting light and citrussy, with super-low bitterness, so we chose a dry-hop schedule that would complement the character, using Topaz and Azacca T90 pellets to really power through with the fruitiness and add a hint of pine flavours to the finish. And not to hammer home the point too much, but the total hop billing is over 200% of the previous Ragnarök – it’s a powerful IPA with a slightly sweet, stone-fruit and citrus character that drinks dangerously easily.

For lovers of the original Ragnarök, fear not, it’ll be around in bottles into the new year – New Ragnarök is going to be a relative low-key launch and we’ll wait for some feedback before deciding whether New Ragnarök replaces the current recipe in bottles, which is why it’s super-important you let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Untappd.

So, what do you think? Is New Ragnarök fit for the gods, or does the classic recipe need to be avenged? Put a team together and get to your local to try out the new version!