New Brew News: Casarino Blvd & WLTM Young Entrepreneurs

By Iain Smith

We’ve had lots of fun with this year’s Boulevard IPA series, with Atlantic, Sunset and Monterey all proving that hop-forward West Coast pale ales can be supremely enjoyable from a cask over the Summer, and we’re not ready to stop yet – introducing Casarino Blvd, our latest cask special!

Casarino Blvd is also the farewell brew of Paolo Sabatucci, the latest Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs participant to spend a few months in the Glen working with our brewing team. For his beer, he wanted to use one of his favourite ingredients, and one he had never used before – opting for Vienna malt, to give Casarino a big a strong, biscuity body and experimental hop ADHA 529 as a wildcard. The beer was finished with a dry-hop of Bravo, which along with the new-breed hop, gives the beer a soft, mellow fruit character all the way through to the gentle finish.

It’s been a tradition for some time that departing Erasmus visitors brew a beer to celebrate their time with Fyne Ales, and Paolo’s brew, which takes its name from his former home in Italy, is very much representative of what what Paolo came to Fyne Ales to learn about:

“I chose to come to Scotland and work with Fyne Ales as I really wanted to learn more about cask beer and I’m very satisfied with what I found out – it was amazing to work in a brewery that takes care to be both traditional and innovative at the same time.”

With Paolo’s departure, Fyne Ales is once again on the hunt for a young entrepreneur to join us in brewing at the head of Loch Fyne. If you’re based in Europe and think you could follow in Paolo’s footsteps, check out the EYE website for more info and drop an email erasmus[at] to find out more about the application process.

“I had a really good time at Fyne Ales, and really enjoyed working in the brewery with the team. I want to say thank you to everybody for their patience and teaching; I had lots of fun, despite struggling a little with the accents to begin with.”

Keep an eye out for Paolo’s brew on at a pub near you soon.