New Brew News: Carved In Fire

By Iain Smith

A few weeks ago we were delighted to welcome our friends and members of the team from Italian artisan deli and craft beer pub Pork'N'Roll to the brewery a special collab with a unique ingredient. Brothers Valentino and Gerardo travelled from Rome armed with a suitcase full of dried and triple-smoked chestnuts to use for a brew the original Fyne Ales brewery – introducing Carved In Fire – a 5.1% triple-smoked chestnut porter available in cask from next week.

The dark-brown ale was brewed with a combination of five different malts and flaked oats to give the beer a formidably powerful body, with a light addition of British Pioneer hops and the aforementioned beech-smoked chestnuts during the boil to infuse the beer light smokiness in the aroma and initial taste, which is followed by a rounded sweetness before a dark chocolate finish.

With a good amount of the beer heading back to the continent for use in Pork'N'Roll’s pub, Carved In Fire is unlikely to hang around long, so catch it at your local soon!