New(ish) Brew News – Holly Daze

By Iain Smith

2002, a landmark year in history. We said hello to the Euro, the Queen celebrated fifty years living in her big house in London, Spider-man swung onto the big screen (the first one) and somehow Robbie Williams had the biggest selling album in the UK. It was also the first time that small farmhouse brewery in Argyll brewed a special Christmas beer, a delicious 5% amber ale called Holly Daze.

Fifteen years later, it’s back.

It’s not the first time that Holly Daze has made a return during the festive season, but it is the first time it’s been back on the taps in a couple of years, rolling out of the brewery in cask and mini-casks from Monday.

Holly Daze is a dark amber ale that we’ve always proudly believed is the best non-Christmassy Christmas beer you’re likely to come across – no gimmicky spices, no cartoon Santas, just a solid, robust pint of satisfying, hoppy amber. A trio of hops Challenger, Perle, Spalt on the hot side and a touch of Mittlefruh in the dry-hop give a lightness to the flavour profile, while crystal malt and roast barley give the beer a rich body.

Keep an eye out for mini-cask pre-order posters in your local bar or bottle-shop soon, and the Holly Daze pump clip gracing the taps in the next few weeks!