New Brew News: First Day

By Iain Smith

On the first day of beer-mas, Fyne Ales gives to you, a heap of Calypso hops with a touch of pear flavours in a session IPA. Introducing First Day, available in 330ml bottle from next week!

We’ve never big fans of Christmas beers – nutmeg, cinnamon and the other seasonal spices that creep into craft brews around this time are not for us, but we do like to brew something interesting for the winter months, which is why this year we’ve doubled up with Cold Brew Mills & Hills for the stout drinkers, and First Day, a super-light session IPA for those who need a bit of relief from the over-indulgences of the season.

When we brewed with Calypso hops earlier this year, we were blown away by the quality of the cones – huge, packed with flavour and an out-of-this world aroma – as soon as we opened the bags, the whole brewery was filled with pungent pear and melon aromas. It was lovely.

So, we kept back the rest of our stash and began planning a refreshing end-of-year brew using the hop, and decided to spotlight the hop's pear flavours with the addition of juice during the brew. The result is a super-sessionable IPA with low bitterness and high-notes of the soft fruit through the finish. It’s not a complex beer, but with all the turkey, stuffing, spuds and other rich foods and flavours the season encourages, something delightfully clean and simple might be just what you need.

Bottles will be available from the Fyne Ales website from Monday 20 November and all good bottle-shops soon after. Be sure to let us know what you think when you pick one up!