Fladda Rock'N'Roll

A Belgian IPA

Calypso, Amarillo
Maris Otter Pale Malt, Wheat
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Tasting Notes

A golden coloured IPA with a slight haze. A strong aroma of  banana and cloves with a vibrant flavour of banana and melon. The beer has a very slight acidity from the Belgian yeast and a lasting bitterness.

What makes it special?

Fladda Rock’N’Roll is brewed to the same recipe as fladda rock with one big difference, in this beer we have used a Belgian yeast. It is often said that the yeast makes up 20% of the flavour in a beer so we wanted to see how far we could push that. We brought in a special Belgian wheat beer yeast and added it to the brew. The results are superb and give the beer a completely different flavour profile.

Try alongside Fladda Rock for a comparison in taste between the two yeasts.