Start Point

IPA Project

Perle, Appolo, Chinook, Simcoe
Maris Otter Extra Pale Malt, Torrified Wheat
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Tasting Notes

A hoppy IPA with pleasantly fruity aroma of lychees.  The flavours are of dry grapefruit and green pepper, has a long dry finish with a smooth bitterness.

What makes it special?

Start Point is part of a pair of IPAs within our IPA project. Following on from two of our favourite beers from last year, The Bell Rock pair, we wanted to brew two IPAs with the difference being a higher ABV and more hops in one of the IPAs.

Start point is the lower ABV version but it still packs a fruity punch, with plenty of lovely flavours form the simcoe hops bursting through.

Start Point is a lighthouse located on Sanday Island in the Orkney Isles.