Sublime Stout

A matured imperial stout

Cascade, Mount Hood, Centennial
Maris Otter Pale Malt, Dark Crystal, Oat Malt, Roast Barley, Chocolate Malt, Amber Sugar Crystals, Wheat
Available in:
6 x 750ml bottles

Tasting Notes

A dark, deep ruby red stout with an aroma of bitter roasted malt and a hint of liquorice. Taste is of a mellow sweetness then a large malty fruitiness followed by a long smooth dry finish.

What makes it special?

Sublime Stout is generously hopped at four points of the brewing process, including a dry hopping in the conditioning vessel, to help build flavour and aroma in the brew. The complex grist is used to build body, colour and flavour within the beer. Each batch is matured for a minimum of four weeks and is krausened for a champagne mouth feel. Sublime Stout is krausened with Vital Spark, this is done reintroduce fresh yeast to the brew to help with second fermenting in the cask and bottle. When kept in bottle Sublime Stout is designed to mature for a long time and will age to create deeper well rounded flavours.


Cask & 750ml Bottles

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6 x 750ml bottles