The Merchant

Farmhouse Project - Rooibos tea-infused stock ale

Challenger, Pioneer, Ceilia
Pale, Torrified Wheat, Special B, Rye, Barley, Carahells, Chocolate
Available in:
6 x 750ml bottles

Tasting Notes

The Merchant returns to the glen with exotic spices, herbs and teas for trade, but saves a bundle of his favourite rooibos for a special purpose. His brew, left for months of maturation during his voyages, is revitalised by the tea, taking on a refreshing, dry, caramel nuttiness to offset its deep, malty flavour.

What makes it special?

The third of four beers brewed as part of the Fyne Ales Farmhouse Project, The Merchant is another example of an intriguing beer, featuring uncommon ingredients, and drawing inspiration from the legends of Argyll.

Brewed in early 2015, The Merchant was left to mature into a 5% stock ale for nine months before the addition of African rooibos tea, enhancing the base beer’s autumnal flavours with a rich, dark malty body complimented by the tea’s revitalising flavours.

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6 x 750ml bottles