Weavers Point

IPA Project

Perle, Appolo, Chinook, Simcoe
Maris Otter Extra Pale Malt, Torrified Wheat
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Tasting Notes

A hoppy IPA with a strong aroma of nectarines and orange. The flavour is of orange and grapefruit with a long dry bitter finish on the palate.

What makes it special?

Weavers Point is part of a pair of IPAs within our IPA project. Following on from two of our favourite beers from last year, The Bell Rock pair, we wanted to brew two IPAs with the difference being a higher ABV and more hops in one of the beers.

Weavers point is the big brother of this mighty fine pair. It has lots more hops in the kettle and an extra dose of dry hopping on the end, with a higher ABV to boot.

Weavers Point is a lighthouse located on the coast of North Uist.