Great Pacific Hop Patch

A Pacific hopped IPA

Cascade, El Dorado, Motueka, Stella, Comet
Pale Malt, Torrified Wheat, Munich
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Tasting Notes

An orange coloured IPA with nice sweet aromas from the Munich malt, that combines well with a mix of juicy aromas coming from a mix of American, Australian and New Zealand hops. The malts and hoppy flavours are pronounced but well balanced like in the best American Pale Ales or the freshest of NZ IPAs.

What makes it special?

The Pacific Ocean is quite a big puddle; there is a circular stream that connects the North American West Coast, Japan,  Australia and North Eastern Russia. Not many of us know that this huge whirlpool is creating a big plastic garbage island in the middle of it, called The Great Pacific Trash Patch. We don’t like it. So we decided to change trash with nice hops, like Stella, Comet and Cascade.