The Brewery

If it isn’t brewed by our team, using our water, the hops and malt we have selected, our yeast strain, on our brew kit – then it isn’t a Fyne Ale. It’s that simple. We will never compromise on quality, subcontract our brewing, and we don’t contract brew for others. Integrity matters.

Modern British Beers

At Fyne Ales we are all about producing an outstanding range of modern British beers, which we make in a spectacular location, and with integrity in everything we do. Our beers are built on the British Cask Ale tradition, Britain’s contribution to the global beer culture. This is a method that allows us to pack large amounts of flavour into relatively low alcohol beers. To this we have added a focus on new beer styles and big flavoured hops from the New World. This enables us to produce bold hop-forward beers that retain balance and subtlety.


Our production starts with the collection of rain from a burn on the hill behind the brewery to use as our water supply. We proudly take Argyll’s most abundant resource (over 10 feet of rain falls each year) and convert it into great beer.

Malt & Hops

The first ingredient we use in brewing is malt. The main malt that goes into our beer is Maris Otter, a very traditional variety that has a low yield for the farmers adding cost but also adding extra depth of flavour compared to more commercial brews. Hops are in many ways the most important ingredient we use in our beer. We go to great lengths to source the very best hops from around the world and are constantly looking out for new developments and varieties of hops becoming available to try in our beers. No compromise is made in selecting hops and samples are meticulously tested from different farms and batches to find the best quality hops to go into our beer.


We work with our own strain of yeast, which originally came from the Fountainbridge brewery in Edinburgh, and has a 200 year history. The yeast is now stored for us at a yeast bank and we get a fresh culture every three months to preserve its vitality. Once the fermentation is finished we skim the yeast off the top of each brew and pitch it onto one of the next brews.


Once we have the right ingredients, producing great beer it is about using a well-designed brew kit with a great deal of skill and attention to detail. We have made a significant investment in our brewery, building a new 40 barrel brewery which will be amongst the most advanced craft brew houses in the country. This new brewery is British made which we believe is the best style for our beers. Our brewers will have full control over the brewing process, improving the quality and consistency of our beer. Our existing 10 barrel brew house will continue to operate giving us lots of room to experiment with new ideas.